‘Tunnel’ Vision


Amazing. One word. Amazing. The end of an amazing Korean drama series. At first, I really couldn’t help but to doubt the originality of the drama- the plot sounds similar to the hit detective drama ‘Signal’. Time traveling, serial killer as well as handsome leads who are incredibly smart but incredibly cold-hearted. Though I was less impressed with the directing of Tunnel, it’s amazing how the producer and script writer managed to rope in the characters of Tunnel together.

Here’s my attempt to explain them:

Park Kwang Ho is the detective who was supposed to catch the serial killer Mok Jin Woo. He has a daughter called Yeon Ho. Liet Kim likes Yeon Ho. Mok Jin Woo is a autopsy-person who helps Liet Kim with investigations. He killed Liet Kim’s mother as part of this serial killings. Yeon Ho is a stone-faced but secretly warm hearted crimminal professor at Hwayang University, the same university Mok Jin Woo works for.


Not bad. But the important takeaway from this drama is this- we should not be blinded by our self-created definitions of life. The evil dude, Mok Jin Woo, murdered because his mother was a prostitute and he was scarred from her. He sought to rid the world of women like his mother.  I can remember that last time when I was working on my project TU106, I always thought that doing my way was the best way possible. Sure, it sounded logical at that time because I engraved the idea that I was beyond everyone else. It was wrong, and I should have realised it then. This post is a bit short because I should have been more reflective, but I gotta buy my tickets to Macau! Bye, Tunnel!



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