Lesson Learnt Series_Finish preparing at least 24 hours

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Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. The Pre-registeration on BE Portal today went horribly wrong. The reason for this is simply because I hesitated and missed 2 of my courses in a matter of 25 seconds. This is crazyyyyy annoying. The reason why I hesitated was due to 2 reasons:

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  1. I did not prepare extensively. Honestly for an A student like myself, this should have been alot more prepared. Like seriously man what the heck have you been doing for the past month (Hongkong, Macau, Hatyai, Siam etc.) but you cannot neglect the thing that’s most important to you- university studies! Because of this, I woke up at 4am to study everything, call Beijing and Tsinghua University (on my last day) to ask for their course curriculum and talk to P’Pat and Trison about all the professors for the EE courses.
  2. I was wishy-washy with MA217. Stupid-me was so scared and went back to read through all the courses that my friends were taking. Even though I already finish ticking the courses, I did not click the submit button because of the stupid decision to enter in MA217 which most of my friends were taking. WHYYYYY DID I DO THAT URGH.

Resolution: Image result for crying face bts

a. Prepare the complete excel sheet on google drive (labeled as academic plan) 3 days before 4th of July. This will have to include the possibility of me graduating from Thammasat and going to exchange in UC Berkely and the courses which I can transfer the credit over.

b. Prepare the steps for Jsun to help me with paying on the final day leading up to the regtu stage at Krungthai Bank.

c. settle the 3 problems which I have to learn how to resolve asap. One, use the online request form. Two, email MK202 and EE320 teacher. Three, Keep watch for the end of the Payment period to see who has dropped their spots. Four, call P’Kaew to reserve a seat. Five, add in one more subject to make it six courses. Six, settle all this shit by the end of the add/drop period of 15 Aug.

d. I SWEAR I WILL NOT BE A LAZY ASS AND STOP WITH PROCRASTINATION. URGHHHH. However, I will not wallow myself in self-hatred because Rapmon taught me that I need to love myself and learn to forgive myself. If BTS makes mistake before and can overcome it, so can I.

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