China Begins! 

Its finally been a week since I left Bangkok, Thailand- the land of smiles, my land of warmth. It has been a week since we broke into Grand Finals and I got an 80-81 from one of the best debaters in Thailand. We won over MUIC, since they were so weak. But hey, that certificate is so completely useless now that I think about it. Its just a booster for my ego, a validation ticket for my self-esteem. Speaking of which, I should really thank Loke and Prof Park for letting me come this far. 

Now that I am finally in Beijing, wow I am still so lazy and not showering at night. This is already for the 5th time in 7 days. Boo, I promise that today, I won’t even sit down but will go and bathe first! I will do a full week review tonight, promise! And I will also do a full resume for Beida and Tsinghua tonight 🙂


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